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* Denise does not book anyone when her books are closed.

* Pricing is not given until books are open and your project is chosen.

* Denise does not tattoo minors, even with parent consent.

S T E P   O N E

Fill out an inquiry form here:

This form will get all the details of the tattoo you're wanting. Denise does not do in-person consults so make sure to be specific with what you are wanting in the inquiry form. 

Denise's books do NOT have to be open for you to fill out a form. You can fill out a form at any time.

S T E P   T W O

Denise typically posts on her Instagram and announces her books are opening again as it gets closer to the date of them opening. If you do not have Instagram, you can send an email and ask if we have a date yet. Once Denise opens her books, you will send your email with inspiration photos and a straight-on photo of your body where you would like the tattoo to Denise's booking email (

Denise's books are typically only open for a few hours and ONLY the emails sent when her books are open are considered. If you email when Denise's books are closed, you will be asked to email again when they re-open.

S T E P   T H R E E

Once Denise's books close and she is no longer accepting any more emails, she will go over all emails that come in and put them into folders of her interest level in each design. This process can take a few days so be patient with a reply for at least 3 days after her books close.

You will get a reply whether or not she accepts your project or not. If she accepts your project, you will get an email with pricing and a deposit/custom design amount needed to book. If your design is not chosen, she will let you know why and/or send you some recommendations of other artists to check out instead.

S T E P   F O U R

If your project is chosen and once we receive your Venmo deposit, we will send you the link to book for the month(s) that Denise is booking for at that time. You will be able to go in and book the appointment yourself so that you can choose the best day for you! Make sure to do this as soon as possible because if the months are booked before you can book an appointment, you will have to wait until she opens her books again to book. 

If your tattoo is a custom project (not a pre-drawn design), Denise usually draws up your design 1-3 days before your appointment and she sends your design to you (via email) before you show up to the appointment. The only time you do not get your design ahead of time is when you are doing a freehand piece! Most artists do not allow you to see your piece until you arrive. Denise understands the anxiety that brings and chooses to share the design with you beforehand and makes all changes (if needed) before you show up to your appointment!

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