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When the books are "closed" it means that we are not looking to book anyone at this time. This is in efforts to keep our wait times low and not book out for years at a time!

Denise will announce on her Instagram story when she will open them again. As of right now, she plans to open them in November 2021 to book for April 2022!

When she reopens her books, an Inquiry Form will be on this page for you to fill out any information needed to book your tattoo such as placement, size (in inch measurements)and a brief description of the tattoo idea! So be ready with that information when she opens her books again! 

She will also ask for a photo of yourself where you want the tattoo placed as well as any inspiration photos. These photos will be sent via email after the inquiry form is filled out. So have those ready as well!

Denise typically only opens her books for 7-24 hours and any email requests she receives before or after that time frame will not be accepted.

Thank you for your patience and we look forward to seeing your ideas when the time comes!

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