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T A T T O O   I N Q U I R Y   F O R M

You can fill out this form at any time. However, do not send your photos via email until Denise's books are open! Denise keeps it in her Instagram bio when her books are open or closed.


Some tattoos are priced by piece, bigger tattoos and/or very detailed tattoos are by hour

(More details at bottom of page)

Immediately after submitting this form, you should receive an email prompting you to  send an inspiration picture and a (straight on and closer up) picture of the placement that you are wanting tattooed through email!

Inquiry email for Denise:

What are the next steps?

-You will get an email from our shop email ( Please read the instructions thoroughly. (make sure to email the right artist!)

-Once we receive your pictures through email, we will give you a price quote (only when books are open - you will be able to see if the artist's books are open in their Instagram bio!)

-If the price quote is comfortable with your budget, you will pay a deposit via Venmo to hold your appointment slot.

- Once you let us know (via email) that you sent the deposit, we will send you a link to book online so that you can find a day and time that works best for your schedule!

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