T A T T O O   I N Q U I R Y   F O R M

Fill out this form ONLY when your artist's books are open!


Small tattoos (3" or smaller) and some medium size tattoos are priced by piece. Bigger tattoos and/or very detailed tattoos are by hour.

(More details at bottom of page)

Immediately after submitting this form, you should receive an email prompting you to  send an inspiration picture and a (straight on and closer up) picture of yourself in the area that you are wanting tattooed through email!

Inquiry email for Denise:


Inquiry email for Ryan:


(Ryan only does flash designs he posts on his instagram. He does not do custom designs.)

What are the next steps?

-You will get an email from our shop email. Please read the instructions thoroughly. (make sure to email the right artist!)

-Once we receive your pictures through email, we will give you a price quote (only when books are open - you will be able to see if the artist's books are open in their instagram bio!)

-If the price quote is comfortable with your budget, you will pay a deposit via Venmo to hold your appointment slot.

- Once you let us know (via email) that you sent the deposit, we will send you a link to book online so that you can find a day and time that works best for your schedule!