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Booking a tattoo can be confusing! Hopefully these FAQs help to answer some of your questions.

In quotations are the questions that Denise most frequently gets and in italics is Denise's answer!

Who Are We

"What is your pricing?"

I do not give quotes via social media or email unless your project is chosen when my books are open.

I have 3 reasons why I don't give pricing outside of my booking period.

1. Pricing can change between one booking period and the next

2. Giving pricing and booking the appointment helps us to keep everything in one email thread so we are both more organized for when the appointment comes.

3. In order to book, I need all the information to give the most accurate quote. If you follow the booking steps, I will have all of that information and it makes the process much smoother for both of us!

"What does it mean when you say 'My books are closed'?"

When a tattoo artist says that their books are closed, it doesn't mean that they aren't tattooing anymore or that they aren't taking on any new clients. It means that they are currently not able/willing to book any new appointments but that their books will be opening soon and that is when you will be able to book an appointment.


Tattoo artists close their books regularly for a few reasons.

1. to ensure a shorter waiting time for the client between when they book and when they come in for their appointment. If I were to leave my books open all the time, I would be booked out for a few years!

2. To remain excited about each booking period. Booking clients can be an emotionally draining task and setting aside time to go through inquiries is the best way to not burn out and give the client the best experience they can give!

3. So that the artist is able to plan their life as well. I was booked out 1.5 years at one point and it was almost impossible to plan a vacation or even get sick because I didn't have anywhere to put my sweet clients that already had been waiting for so long. So closing my books and keeping my waiting time down to only 3 months at a time is the best way I've found to plan my life as well.

"How often do you open your books?"

I typically will open my books every 3 months to book for the next 3-4 months. I used to book for years at a time but it was hard to plan life and it also is more exciting to the client if they get their tattoo sooner rather than later! For example: if I open my books in January, I will typically be booking for January-March or February-April.

I have found that the best way to announce when I will be opening my books is to post it on Instagram and TikTok. I usually do not post the official date of me opening my books until a month or so before.

"How do I book an appointment?"

You can click the box below to find the step-by-step process.

"Are you comfortable with tattooing darker skin or people who are plus size?"

VERY COMFORTABLE! I am happy to tattoo ALL beautiful canvases.

"Do you offer cover ups?"

At this time, I do not accept designs/projects that are cover ups.

My style has a lot of negative space (openings between lines where the skin shows through) which does not cover other tattoos well. My style is best for an open, blank area of skin. I do not offer a different style that covers more/is darker.

"What is your style called?"

I specialize in Illustrative tattoos. Because I find that it is best to have a niche and to hone in a skillset in that niche, I do not take on projects that are not the illustrative style that you see on my social media accounts (Instagram and Tiktok).

"Your work is very feminine, do you tattoo men?"

I have a handful of men clients. I don't discriminate based on gender. As long as you want your tattoo in my illustrative style and I am excited about your project, I would love to tattoo you!

"Where can I find more of your work (portfolio)?"

  • Instagram
  • TikTok
  • Facebook

I use social media platforms as my portfolio now. That way I can constantly update it. Below are the platforms I am active on:

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